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       a newspaper report that highly sophisticated listening devices were planted at the residence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari  triggered huge controversy.it could not be contained by the denial the Minister it  is speculation,mr.gadkari said.

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justice katju

A report in the times of india , dated 21.7.14, regarding continuation , elevation and confirmation of a judge of Madras high court, who had 'several adverse entries' against him, exposed the working of the judiciary at the highest level. The entire report was attributed to Justice Markandeya Katju, a retired judge of supreme court and presently chairman of the press council of india.This had taken place during the regime of UPA 1 government. The report also showed the alleged interference of executive in to the re .......

plane crash

in major mishap in the skies,295 passengers including 15 crew members were killed when the malaysian air craft goign from amstersdam crashed in the border area of ussia and ukrain on Thursday.some reports c;aimed thaat that it was the work of terrorists.

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