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        The  Ministry of Home  is likely to approach the Cabinet to withdraw the previous UPA government’s order to set up a commission to probe the alleged illegal surveillance of a young woman architect in Gujarat along with two other cases of Read more


the proposed hike in the passenger fares and freight charges came in fro severe ctirticim by the opposition,including,ironicall,the leaders from the congress which originalkly proposed the hike but kept in cold because of the elections.the NDA government however stoutly defended the move,asserting that it would improve the over all p[erformance of the railways.


Munde passes away

senior BJP loeader and Union Rural Development Minister Gopanath Munde passed away at Delhi on Tuesday about 8 am.The death follows an accident while he was going to the airport. Gopanath Munde was immediately rusdhed to the hospital but doctors,after thorough examination declared him dead. Mr.Munde (65) along with others took the oath of office in Narendra Modi Government on May 26.The Prime Prime Minister.Mr.Naredra Modi and other important leaders expressed shock at his unexpected death. He was a true mass leader,the Prime Minister s .......

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