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 By R.Jagadeeswara Rao.


The coverage of the appintment of Yogi Adityanath, as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,by the main stream English media smacks of a closed mind set and bias. The BJP has won as many as 325 assembly seats in an election and Sri Adityanadh was chosen by the BJP's legislative wing. This is to say that all democratic norms have been followed. But English national media chose to criticise the election on the plea that it is a steps towards 'safranization'. The two words 'saffran' and 'hindutva' are dirty words to self proclaimed secularists. For them secularism means demonising Hinduism and pamperingh minority. These'sickularists' and 'chrislamists' forget the observation of the Supreme Court that Hinduism is a way of life.

On every debate by the English media, 'experts' with a known bias and hatred to every thing that is Hindu and Hinduiism are invited as panelists  to drive home the channles point of view.The Hindu daily,known for its anti-Hindu stand,carries an article that criticises every thing that BJP did or said. There was a saying that in UK 'the King can do no wrong' for the simple reason that he has no powers. But for some leader writers of prominent English dailies, the BJP and the Prime MInistrer Narendra Modi and now Yogi Adityanath could do nothing 'right'.

No doubt that the Yogi had made some inflamatory speeches against minorities as an MP. But after taking over as Chief Minister he had assured that therer woluld not be any discrimination against anybody on account of caste or religion. Why is not possible for his baiters to wait and watch for some time whether this Yogi,heading the most populaopus state in the country,will walk the talk. This is the minimum courtesy that Chief Minister of Uttara Pradesh deserves. Every one needs some time to prove himself.

After Yogi Adityanath took over,abattoirs in the state have been closed, robbing thousnads of meat sellers of their daily bread, this is how the news item regarding ban on meat sale was flahsed. But the fact is that only illegal abattoirs and meat selling shops were asked to be closed.

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