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By R.Jagadeeswara Rao.



 Consultancy.....its shrewd advice.......



Of late, there seems to be great demand for consultants and consultancy firms. More so in the field of politics, which is natural, because every politician and political party wants to capture power—the ultimate aim—for which it seeks the help of consultants and firms dealing with the subject. In this background, one name that has been in the centre of discussion was Mr. Prasanth Kishore, referred to as PK. PK is credited with formulating a strategy for NDA constituents before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The results were excellent. More important was the PK’s strategy for assembly elections in Bihar where the JD(U),RJD and Congress combine swept the polls withstanding  the Modi wave. Since then the stock of MK had gone up sky-high.

Now YSR party President Sri Y.S .Jagan Mohana Reddy, announced that he has a strong desire to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and continue in that seat for thirty years. Because he wants go save Andhra Pradesh from the “corrupt “ government of N.Chandrababu Naidu. For this Jagan Mohan Reddy sought the services of PK.

It is in this background that an interesting anecdote concerning consultants and consultancy firms crossed my mind. In brief the story runs like this. A rat was terribly afraid of a cat. Everybody knows why a cat runs after rat. So the terrified rat ran to a reputed consultant for advice and solution to its problem because of the cat. Consultants are supposed to be very shrewd people. As such he did not take much time to give advice to the rat. “To face cat, you also become a cat. Then there is no need for you to worry” was the advice. However the rat was surprised and wanted to know how could a  rat become a cat. The consultant has a ready answer “ How you could become a cat? That is your headache. You came to me for a solution and I gave it to you. How you get it done  is your headache”.

Now, a shrewd consultant’s advice could be the following : “to save Andhra Pradesh from a  corrupt government , you become its Chief Minister and remain there as Chief Minister for 30 years. How you become the Chief Minister and remain there for thirty years is your headache!!!”.


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