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Swatch visakha

Reported by rjrj, Edited by rjr | Updated: Aug 05, 2016 06:47:44

 The efforts of the authorities to see that Visakhapatnam becomes 'open defecation-free 'city' by the end of August are to be welcomed, it may not be possible to stick to the tareget,given the adage that old habit die hard. Many are not even aware that there is a such programme.While one goes from Madhurawada to Visakhapatnam and vice versa a regular of site of a number of people,well dressed and seemingly educated, answering calls of nature would be witnessed. Another dirty habit that one would come across is spitting from moving vehicles like two wheelers,three wheelers and buses.Rigorous campaign to create awareness and see that people desist from such acts is essential before hoping to make the city 'open defecation free'.

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